International Mother Language Day 2011

BSU in collaboration with förening PREI celebrated International Mother language Day 2011 in Gammlia, Umeå on 20th February. It is the first time in Umeå that Bangladeshis got a chance to explain the importance of Mother Language day and the role of Bangladesh behind the creation of the day. Bangladesh is probably the only country in the world that shed blood for language on 21st February 1952 and the day was declared as International Language day by UNESCO. The event was carried out by BSU in order to remember those who died for saving Bengali Language and letting us speak in Bengali.
The program started by singing the 'Amor Ekushey' song and was followed by presenting historical background, traditional bengali dance, documentary on 21st February and Bengali fika. We were greatly honored to present the event to non-Bangladeshi and letting them know about the great sacrifice our country has made to uphold our mother tounge.
Language Day


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