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Welcome to Bangladeshi Society in Umea (BSU). Bangladeshi Society in Umea (BSU) is a nonprofit organization registered with Umea Kommun, Sweden (Umea municipality) aims to introduce the enriched Bangladeshi culture to Swedish Society and promote the communication among the Bangladeshis living in Umea. BSU is the First Registered Bangladeshi Organisation in Västerbotten region established in the mid of this year (2010) with the following goals.

1. Establish an Official Bangladeshi Society in the city of Umea.
2. Introducing Bangladeshi Culture in Sweden.
3. Helping out the newcommers with information and support.
4. Various other activities (entertaining, educational, excursion) within the organisation.
5. Extending the hand of cooperation in major humanitarian disasters in Bangladesh.
6. Promote our heritage for the new generations of Bangladeshi children and young people living in Västerbotten region.

Please note that, this organisation is not targeted for Bangladeshis rather we welcome people from all other nations to join us.

Shaffat Shahriar
Secretary, BSU
Phone - +46737607864
Email - bsu.sweden@gmail.com
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